Canadian political scandals tend to be rather chaste affairs compared to their American or European counterparts, usually involving railways, “robocalls” and tainted tuna.

Still, our politicians have had their share of dirty laundry aired in public over the years.

Could something that starts out as a simple employment proposition turn out to have her questioning everything she has worked so hard to achieve?

Will this Holiday Gig turn Taylor’s professional and personal life on its head? Marty Peters is a young professional working as junior tax accountant for Staner, Warsaw and Bentley, a high power accounting firm in New York City.

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She needs to convince Richard, her attorney boyfriend of five years, that he’s finally ready for a commitment. By planning an unforgettable night starting with a romantic dinner for two and ending in the bedroom.

and was interrupted by a singing telegram from her adoptive parents – a singing sturgeon telegram, no less! | Although Maggie’s interest in genetics piqued Bailey’s interest – and sent Miranda back to her locked-up genome lab – it wound up getting Pierce in hot water with Owen and affording her a chance to mouth off to Jackson before realizing what a lofty position he holds at Grey Sloan. | After Richard and Amelia encouraged Maggie to get to know Mer in spite of her prickliness, the half sibs’ relationship reached what appeared to be a point of no return when Pierce let an elderly cancer patient die (per the wishes that the patient’s daughter wouldn’t grant).

And, as we all know, nothing says “Take me seriously! OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT | At first, it seemed as if Maggie was bonding with Jo after yelling at her (explaining that nice, young, pretty women like themselves have to “bring the thunder” at work in order to be taken seriously). However, her renewed investigation into the mysterious case of the Mc Neils – you remember, that unfortunate family Cristina treated last season – yielded impressive results: Genetics were to blame for the kids cardiomyopathy diagnoses. Initially, Mer – unaware of the woman’s readiness to go – was so outraged that she ran straight to Owen.

Not only does her own boss question her singledom, but so does her entire family back home!

When an invitation to her cousin’s Christmas wedding lands on her desk, Taylor must head back to Pennsylvania to face the music. Why not hire a temporary boyfriend to help her get through the holidays?

Ryan can certainly talk the talk, but does he have what it takes to walk the walk?

Could he possibly cost her that coveted partnership that she has been working for since the beginning of her career?

The case eventually went all the way to the Supreme Court, which sided with Mac Millan. Among them was the associate minister of national defence, Pierre Sevigny, who signed Munsinger’s application for Canadian citizenship. It didn’t take long for rumours to start that the two, both married, shared more than just political leanings, though both Wilson and Tyabji vehemently denied any affair.