I know I will be forever grateful to her for this, and the generous input she is making to my life.

I attended London love school extremely nervous with a huge sense of shame.

Sexual problems are often extremely debilitating and damage our confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst speaking with EM I realised how knowledgeable she was on the subject and at times I felt she was reading my mind.

I am 30 years old and had never been able to make love to a woman and Em was extremely helpful.

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I couldn't be any happier with the treatment I have received and would recommend the LLS to anyone struggling with similar issues.

There was a real sense that we were achieving something as I progressed. I attended London love school extremely nervous with a huge sense of shame.

Though often not easy to talk about, there are a variety of sexual issues that women face and whilst it might be tempting to ignore problems, such as painful intercourse, lack of sexual desire and even porn addiction, it is a far better to confront and ultimately solve your problems.

Our aim at the London Love School is to enable you to move past blocks and inhibitions towards a happy and fulfilling sex life.

Discover the secrets to a rewarding, enriching and long lasting relationship.

Rekindle the dormant spark of romance and find new ways to grow with your partner, obtaining the happiness you both deserve.

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