Thanks Zócalo Central for bringing us this 'live cam'.

Live mexicans sesx cams-45

But the fact is that Mexico played an important role in the world’s development, acted as a cradle of civilization. Net Cam and Foscam public cameras, working in a real-time, allow you to see the truly Mexico online.

Mayan hieroglyphs, powerful sea waves, white seashores – this is Mexico. The catalogue includes only workable cameras that can show you this country as it is.

This is very sheen country, which territory accommodates many natural and historical showplaces.

This country has ancient history, which is not learned to the end.

It is a marvel how the Zócalo morphs for the different events.

Congratulations go to the planners, organizers, and all the different skilled craftsman and crews.

Pleasing everybody is never going to happen, Red Square has featured Paul Mc Cartney along with other rock/pop groups, Washington DC's National Mall features many events.

What do you think, Solofox, should the Zócalo be used for? LOL , there is no doubt in my mind I would not like the vehicle traffic problems these events cause if living nearby. Unfortunately for us the chilangos -people born and raised in Mexico City- our main square, or plaza, the Zócalo, is being continually misused for lots of different low quality festivities and events that -in my humble opinion- should be held elsewhere.

These SL 'live cams' auto adjust for ambient light ( maybe you've seen the cams adjusting to ☀rise and ☀set ).

This cam seems to me , to be stuck in an adjusting routine.

Or conversely, if you stand on the northeastern corner, see the beauty of the old colonial buildings of the City Government and the ancient "Hallway of Merchants", or Portal de Mercaderes. Regards.ifour , if you are watching, the lowering of Banderas Monumentales MAY happen tonight, I see people are standing in the shadow of the pole, (a guess is to take photographs of the beautiful flag while the camera lens is not in direct sunlight ) sunset in Mexico City tonight ( 6nov ) is 6pm.