A physically unprepossessing child, short and skinny with sticking out ears and a beaky nose, Lionel compensated by entertaining his fellow urchins with his quick wit, making up rude lyrics to well-known songs.When Lionel was six, his headmistress told his parents that their son was an ‘artistic genius’.

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Set Includes: GP38 diesel locomotive Hi-cube boxcar Uni-body tank car Depressed center flatcar Remote control helicopter Caboose Eight curved O36 Fas Track® sections, one 10" straight Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on, one 10" Fas Track® terminal section and two 10" straight Fas Track® sections 54W wall-pack power supply Lion Chief® remote for locomotive Locomotive Features: Electric locomotive controlled by Lion Chief® remote or Bluetooth Lion Chief® App On/off switch for sound Rail Sounds RC™ sound system with diesel revving and background sounds, horn, bell, and user-activated announcements Operating directional headlights Duel powerful maintenance-free motor Metal frame and handrails Operating couplers at both ends Lighted interior Traction tires Engineer and fireman figures Rolling Stock Features: Die-cast metal sprung trucks with operating couplers Opening doors on Hi-cube boxcar with insert that replicates the training room entrance from the real NS First Responders Train.

In the Sixties, the Fun Palace — like Lionel — was the epitome of cool.

His songs, including Little White Bull and Big Time, topped the charts and he was the musical genius behind the hit musical Oliver!

His break came at the Stratford Theatre in East London, writing songs for a play called Fings Ain’t What They Used T’Be. Princess Margaret and the Queen both saw it, despite its risque scenes and dialogue.

The Lord Chamberlain, who was in charge of censorship, wrote a letter demanding: ‘The builder’s labourer is not to carry the plank of wood in the erotic place and at the erotic angle that he does, and the Lord Chamberlain wishes to be informed of the manner in which the plank is in future to be carried.’ It was ignored.Southern Pacific Gs-4 Steam Locomotive w/ (5) Madison Passenger Cars Includes The Following: Southern Pacific Gs-4 Steam Locomotive w/ TMCC Southern Pacific #9019 Madison Baggage Car Southern Pacific "Arcata Bay" Madison Passenger Car Southern Pacific "Half Moon Bay" Madison Passenger Car Southern Pacific "Drakes Bay" Madison Passenger Car Southern Pacific "Sunset Bay" Madison Observation Car All Are New In Original Boxes.Norfolk & Western Class J #612 Steam Passenger Set Includes The Following: Norfolk & Western Class J #612 Steam Locomotive Norfolk & Western 4-Car Streamlined Passenger Set Norfolk & Western Baggage Car Norfolk & Western Combo Car Norfolk & Western Duplex Roomette Car All Are New In Original Boxes.If the Sixties had been Lionel’s decade of success, the Seventies were one long downward spiral.To clear his debts, Lionel made his worst financial decision ever. (A few years later they were worth £2 million.) Then he filed for bankruptcy to pay off his debts.This train was inspired by the Norfolk Southern First Responders safety train that was launched in 2016 and making its way through out the eastern part of the country.