Whether you are looking to date a lawyer or befriend one (or many), whether you are looking to discuss legal matters, or just hang out every now and again with a lawyer who shares your interests, this is the site that can help make it happen.Were you looking for an app for single local lawyers?It seems those five plus years of school has earned Australia's lawyers more than just a fancy degree to hang on the wall.

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Believe it or not, lawyers annoy each other just as much as they annoy the general populace.

Therefore, lawyers have determined that every event at which two or more lawyers are likely to be present must be accompanied by an open bar.

But that wasn't the case when it came to Tinder, who also released a list of its most sought after professionals on Tuesday.

The popular dating app revealed that in Australia it was male flight attendants who got the most right swipes.

And the list gets even more specific when it comes to the ladies, with Tinder reporting that the most popular female professional was a swimming coach.

Lawyers once again made the popular professional list for men, as did personal trainers and models.

Meet friends Interested in the Legal Profession and Single Local Lawyers. YOU MUST BE A LAWYER, LAW STUDENT, OR LEGAL PROFESSIONAL TO POST A PROFILE.

This one's a toughie—it's difficult to speak generally about such a broad group of people.

That’s pretty much how it is to be a lawyer navigating the non-legal world: constant vacillation between shame and pride.