You let him go to Vegas, have fun, and even go to a strip club. And these guys are probably the type who would lose their shit if their S.O.s went to a male strip club." —"Nope, you're fine.

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I sat down with her in a hallway last night and asked her about what it’s like to try to fit in to a sports universe that is only now, grudgingly, beginning to change with the times. It's interesting to me that they chose to model it off a rule that’s been criticized for not being as effective as it could be. I’m disappointed to see the reaction on Twitter of, “Oh, it’s like affirmative action for women! If my message doesn’t fit in but I get that platform, then I’m reaching the people who most need to hear it. A lot of people may attribute things about our show that maybe are negative to the fact that women aren’t treated fairly in sports media.

NOLAN: I was filming, and we got a notification during the F block of the show, where we fucked off the whole show, and they’re like, “Do we wanna talk about what just happened with Johnny on the news wires?

Besides, we don’t really have much clothing on to begin with.

What keeps us from face-planting is surface contact of skin to pole – that exciting phenomenon called friction.

Ironically, pole dance history traces its roots to 12 century Chinese Pole and the 900-yr-old Indian Mallakhamb – which takes its name from “malla” meaning “wrestler” and “khamb” meaning “of pole,” traditionally forming part of a wrestler’s training regime and of which pole is an exclusively male sport.

It wasn’t until the travelling fairs of the 1920s American Great Depression that suggestive dancing with a lot of hip movements on poles holding up tents were performed by a group of dancers known as the Hoochie Coochie.

” and I don’t even know what anyone’s talking about, so I haven’t even read the story. NOLAN: I didn’t, because we’re doing our show live. I was not expecting to get the invitation, because I was thinking Roger Goodell wouldn’t want me there.

But as a woman with boobs, I guess they had to invite me. Just to ask the questions I didn’t ask the last time I met Roger Goodell, which was for 30 seconds because I was too scared. Not “I’m thinking about making a committee eventually.” There’s a problem in your league about domestic violence.

Not wanting a naked woman to perform a dance on top of your boyfriend sounds perfectly reasonable to me.