Since becoming one myself, I have connected with other single parents and we usually don't exchange Single Mom War Stories — those super-detailed timelines of how we even got to where we are — until we are way more comfortable with each other.(i.e.we have been on a few play dates and one of the kids has done something embarrassing like pee on the jungle gym).

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Now, if you happen to have a wealthy, handsome, slightly older, divorced brother or uncle who you really feel strongly that I go on a date with, let's discuss. It is hard, yes, because parenting is hard, but her assumptions were all wrong: In fact, I do not think about my son's father at all.

Otherwise, please don't think you have to set me up with every single man that you happen to know or come across because you really feel like I need a man in my life. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for my son and just because his father isn't in his life doesn't mean that I love him less or resent having to take care of him.

God forbid you might have to stay up all night with a baby on your own and get to work in the morning on time! I still can't figure out why people assume that single people with kids can't be happy.

Yes, single moms do it all the time, and no, we don't need your sympathy. Contrary to popular opinion, we are not all sitting sadly on the couch in an ill-fitting pair of yoga pants shoveling ice cream in our mouths while lamenting our younger, child-free days in which we had perkier boobs.

Not much that's why I am going back to study for a career change. Very eclectic music tastes from Pavarotti to Sabbath.

Please save the comments about hard it must be for someone else.

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Someone who would undress you with their eyes while asking if you want tea or coffee. I have 1 son who is a widower with my only grand ...

lovely kind genuine person that treats that person right. being ...48, male, Newport, Monmouthshire Socialising, sport, animals and walking. I like cinema theatre walking around any sea side shopping centres Cardiff Bay weekends away people watch going out in the car holidays and lots ...