Daniel then reveals that he blames Ken for Denise's disappearance and Sinead's termination, and as their confrontation turns physical, both Ken and Daniel are left stunned when Denise returns.After self-harming with boiling hot bathwater, the police arrive and arrest Daniel for Ken's attack, after Sinead and Chesney find the poetry book in the flat, much to Ken and Denise's horror.Born when Ken was 55 years old, there is a 34 year age gap between Daniel and his oldest half-sibling: Lawrence Cunningham (Linus Roache), there is also 30 years between him and his half-brother and half-sister Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Susan Barlow (Joanna Foster) and there is an 18 year age gap between him and his adoptive half-sister, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

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Ken eventually went back to his wife Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride), leaving Daniel and Denise alone once again.

In the intervening years, Daniel is mentioned and Ken occasionally visits him.

Ken later goes to stay with Daniel while he redecorates his old flat, which Daniel is reluctant about, especially when Ken asks specifically about the poetry book that Daniel used to hit him with.

At the flat the following week, Daniel tries to persuade Ken to tell the police that he simply lost his balance and fell down the stairs, confusing Ken.

Daniel Albert Osbourne is the son of Ken Barlow (William Roache) and Denise Osbourne (Denise Black).

Daniel was originally portrayed by Lewis Harney from his birth in 1995 until he left with his mother in 1997.Sinead is later stunned to learn that she has fallen pregnant with Daniel's baby, however Daniel assumes that Chesney is the father.They initially agree to have the pregnancy terminated, however after the couple have a heart-to-heart, Sinead and Daniel agree to keep their unborn child.In early 2017, Daniel begins to develop romantic feelings for Sinead Tinker (Katie Mc Glynn), who is in a relationship with Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), however she wishes to end it.Daniel begins revising with Sinead when she has to work overtime at the factory, and the following day he is mortified when Adam realises that he is still a virgin.Sinead has a termination after being manipulated to by Ken and tells Daniel that she had a miscarriage.