To keep track of your social media campaigns, announcements and activities, create a checklist of what needs to be done and where so that any changes are done across the board and are in sync.

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However, best practices for your site include building on what you have, keeping all info up to date, and even offering more interactive features will ensure that your site stays current and professional.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips to make the process simple: A great website has the right combination of both static and dynamic content.

Linking out to other sites and getting linked to by external sources establishes your website as an important authority in your niche. By joining a network of similar sites that link to each other, you will increase traffic and improve your reputation in your industry.

Your business and customers will thank you if you get yourself into the habit of scheduling time for regular maintenance of your site.

For inspiration, you can check out The West to see how they integrate news and dynamic social feeds into their cool Wix website: A Mailing list is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with your site’s target audience and encouraging them to come back on a regular basis.

Creating a monthly newsletter with updates about new products, sales or events is sure to kick up sales and engagement.The trick is to establish a pattern of visitation, so that you can update website content often enough to reward visitors with new content every time they come to your site.If the bulk of your visitors are coming to your site one or two times a month, adding new content several times a week is likely counterproductive; on the other hand, only adding new content every couple of months means that your visitors may notice “stale content” and eventually be turned off.Web Editors are responsible for creating, managing, and updating website content.Their role includes content development, collaborating with other contributors, and monitoring website traffic.If you don’t have enough dynamic content for a regular newsletter, you can simply send them out on specific occasions (like a Christmas Sale).