Another wellspring of information comes from museums, curators, art historians, and collectors.

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Any mistakes or omissions at this site are my responsibility. In July 2006, I launched the online store Buddhist-Artwork.

It sells quality hand-carved wood Buddhist statues from Japan & China.

At the online sites of major museums in America and Europe, it is likewise difficult to find what you want, even when you know the piece is in their collection.

Fourth, this project was prompted by a dissatisfaction with existing literature on Japanese Buddhist statuary.

The DDB is also linked to the SAT Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō (a digitized & searchable version of the Buddhist canon).

Together they represent an invaluable reference work for Buddhist studies.

Their publications are written for the general public but suffer from too much preaching, promoting, fabrication, self-interest, inconsistency, inaccuracy, and just plain "unreadability." Don’t get me wrong.

There are excellent resources (see bibliography) out there by scholars and art historians, but yet I'm unsatisfied.

As for online resources, the Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System (JAANUS) is by far the best digital dictionary devoted to Japanese art.