The Prime Minister was accused of being ‘Israel’s puppet’ and one user said Israel was ‘keeping her in power’.

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A string of anti-Semitic slurs have been posted on a Labour Party discussion forum online, it emerged last night.

The Facebook users spread false conspiracy theories about Israel, compared Israel to Nazi Germany and even claimed Theresa May and her husband were Jewish.

In a major victory for Jeremy Corbyn and his allies, leadership candidates will need nominations from just one in ten MPs to get on the ballot paper, rather than the 15 per cent of MPs currently required.

The rule change, which was approved by the ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), would virtually guarantee the presence of a socialist contender on the ballot in future elections.

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Mrs May praised Israel as a ‘remarkable country’ ahead of the centenary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration which announced British support for the creation of a Jewish State.