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Donald Trump is fair game for pictures like this, as is every other president in my lifetime. Donald Trump is responsible for blowing up at least one innocent kid in a way that cannot be justified according to just war theory. If you are responsible for blowing up at least one innocent kid in a way that cannot be justified according to just war theory, then you are not entitled to much respect.

Trump, Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, etc., are each responsible for the mass murder of innocents, and so each of them is among the worst human beings who have ever lived.

Quoting Bryan Caplan: Second, anyone in a position of political power has a greatly elevated moral obligation to perform…due diligence. If you’re in a position to pass or enforce laws, lives and freedom are in your hands.

Common decency requires you to act with extreme moral trepidation at all times, ever mindful of the possibility that you’re trampling the rights of the morally innocent.

"The message is clear: criticize the president, lose your job."Kathy says she is now receiving death threats, had her personal website and social media accounts shut-down, been fired from multiple jobs and has had multiple events canceled.

The Secret Service has also opened an investigation following the incident and Kathy has hired a criminal attorney to represent her."For the first time in history, the President of the United States and his family, is personally attempting to ruin a comedian," Bloom said.

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Griffin accused TMZ of misogyny and ageism in their coverage of women, including herself and Ashley Judd.

People — even those who I have seen rip on the President nearly since before the election — were appalled.

They called her move tasteless, classless, inappropriate — even scary.

Griffin argued she’s always made fun of Presidents and that’s what comedians do. She also pointed out that she ragged on past sitting Presidents without issue. The issue here is Griffin didn’t just push the envelope.