Purchases are carefully monitored using an elaborate vetting process to ensure the bad guys never make it to the approved list.Not everyone who carries a weapon actually uses it.Other times it's just not needed all that much, but when you need it, it'll get the job done.

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But the president isn’t the only one who needs added security while spanning the globe.

World leaders, politicians, diplomats, corporate executives, and even celebrities find themselves occasionally needing a protective shield from the world around them.

Quick acceleration is crucial, since a fast-moving vehicle reduces the odds of rounds hitting the same place.

| As intimidating as it is effective, The Sentinel combines heavy armor plating, bulletproof glass, and run-flat tires to ensure the occupants remain safe while getting the job done.

Augustine, Florida, for a firsthand look at how its crew goes about building a fortress on wheels.

IAG has been making security vehicles for the last 17 years, including fully armored, SWAT-style vehicles like The Sentinel featured in this report.

The interior can also accommodate the Avatar Series robot in the rear hatch (a SWAT team favorite).

When things really get hot, there are 12 gun ports available for a quick response to whatever problems may arise.

Most folks know the presidential limousine, a GMC Top Kick–based combination of Cadillac parts affectionately known as The Beast, is designed to give the commander in chief the optimum level of protection while traveling.

Loaded with advanced communication, armor plating, night-vision capability, run-flat tires, and special defense countermeasures, the highly modified vehicle is a fortress on wheels.

And since most terrorist threats and kidnappings occur on the road, a custom-built, armored vehicle provides a measure of security that far exceeds anything normally available from the showroom.