Watch: Yes, that's "I believe that we will win," the Utah State student section's pregame chant. I could watch it 10 more.)Tipster Mids was curious: Is this chant spreading, "Zombie Nation"-like, across the country? The majority of the videos on You Tube are of Utah State's student section; some are higher quality than others, but all of them are impressive.

Herein lies the top 10 traditions in college basketball.

Championship Week, so dubbed by ESPN’s clever branding team, is as exciting as any singular week throughout the entire college basketball season.

Want to see something awesome, something that reaffirms your love in college basketball -- not in the game itself, so much, but in what it means to its most dedicated fans? Here's what you do: Type "" into your web browser.

Enter the search term "I believe that we will win." Click on the second video.

Many create identical shirts to appear unified and even more numerous.

Sixth man clubs name themselves based on their school mascot or color.

From Krzyzewskiville to the iconic Blue Devil logo, the Crazies are integral to what consistently makes Cameron Indoor one of the toughest venues in college basketball.

Students camp out in tents for days just to have a chance to watch Duke face hated rival North Carolina or a few of the other elite ACC foes.

Quality sixth man squads attend home and away games to support their team.

These student sections are strong parts of the game experience, and run the gamut from the Duke's infamous Cameron Crazies to the University of Illinois' altruistic Orange Krush.

High school and college student sections are numerous across the United States, and many share the same characteristics, such as similar chants and similar behaviors.