Oh yeah, your reviews are seriously among the most insightful and accurate descriptions of our albums that I've ever seen. This guy knows what we're doing." Well, I'm a big fan! That's the first one in our series, then the others will be bands that aren't on Kung Fu. I'm sick of punk bands whose albums are good but then their single is the most non-punk thing on there. I mean the more commercial stuff like "Kick It" and "Jackass." Well, what happened with "Jackass" is that Dexter from the Offspring wanted to write a song with us. A lot of people in the band didn't want to do that song. Is there going to be a point when you're so busy, you won't want to play in the band anymore? But with these guys in our band now, there's no pressure. And yes, the last 20 minutes suck, but before that, it's led a pretty great life. So many families earn their money in Mexico and Spain raising bulls. The ones I fight could toss me, but I'd be rescued right away. Putting in sound effects, tweaking the sound, all that stuff. It was like Blair Witch where we go, "Okay, here's the scenario" and then we make it funny. I mean, did they intentionally act like that or were they really that embarrassing?

When I first read your Vandals reviews, I emailed them to everybody and said, "This is a guy that's been paying attention. " Part of that is because the song we chose to push is more typical of us than some weird song. But that's a song that I think everyone in the band was in total disagreement about. Brett left Bad Religion when the band was going to a major label and there was so much pressure. I train every Saturday at Griffith Park when I'm in town, then I usually have two bullfights a year where I kill something. But the one in the ring has had the best life of any livestock. Bullfighting plays a big part in Mexican art and history.

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Nina Hartley was born Marie Louise Hartman on March 11, 1959, in Berkeley, California.

We were just hacking out stuff, like "Here's a song, okay here's another song." That album was just, I mean you can hear the progression between that and Fear Of A Punk Planet - it had a couple good songs, but there was no refining of any of them. The only thing that nobody else can do but me is the video and film stuff. But I'm looking to hire more people, so the place can function completely while I'm gone. Except Tiger doesn't come close to death every time he swings the golf club. If that happens, then the audience will insist that the bull be set free, and he'll become a very valuable seed bull. The first one was a guy wrote a movie and he wanted me to put out the soundtrack.

I just don't think there's very much good stuff on it. Dave wrote it and it's really different from anything else we've done. No, that was "Jackass." "Kick It" was more genuine. I have 10 or 11 employees at various levels keeping it going. Well, generally speaking, not a whole lot of rock musicians are also bullfighters. But there are lots of bullfighters that happen to be musicians. Then a few years ago, I saw on the Internet that some guy had a bullfighting school. The best bullfighter is a guy named El Juli - when you see him, it's like seeing Tiger Woods. The only way a bull can win is if he does well, follows well, charges beautifully, never stops and will keep going and going. The one we're making now is like "Let's write a movie for Vandals fans." How'd you get into filmmaking anyway? Well, it's the very first movie he's ever written, and I would have loved to tell him that it sucked, but it's great. Then he falls in love with a girl in an electric wheelchair and it goes on from there.

Originally, I was just doing the guy a favor by including them in the series. Their songs aren't amazing or breakthrough, but they're really good and the guys are actual punk rockers - ruining every opportunity they get, breaking things, messing everything up, then going on stage and playing great. I was asking about the years between - Oh yeah, between When In Rome and Fear of a Punk Planet. The bass player was a guy named Robbie Allen, though it says I played bass. When you own a law firm, you don't do any of the legal work. We kinda just kept going and said, "Let's make a great punk record and not worry about getting on the radio or anything." By that point, we had Josh, Warren and Dave, our current line-up. That actually brings up another question I wanted to ask you. Because for a lot of people, if a band has ten albums, there's no urgency to buy the 11th.

And they have the same manager as The Ataris, who are on our label. I just don't have to practice much anymore, because I've hired other people to do the work. I'm going to law school." Then we went on a European tour, and I thought, "Okay, I'll do the tour, then go to law school and that'll be the end of the band." But it turned out not to be the end!

Yeah, they're one of those major label punk bands - they're on Maverick. But music review people will at least be able to say, "Hey, this is a record that's more of what the Vandals are all about! Every time you kill something, you're killing a very valuable piece of meat. I'm glad you explained that, because on the site ( you say something about how if people really understood bullfighting, they'd approve of it. Some are tested and don't charge, and those are killed right away for meat, because they can't afford to feed 'em, you know?

They trust us, because they know if they have to do something, I'm gonna have to do it too. I don't know if that was a good idea or not, so who knows what kind of reaction it will get. But in the bullfighting world, they come from a really valuable genetic strain; they're fighting bulls. The females are killed a little earlier, but they're still pampered.

The crowds get bigger at about the same rate that they get bigger in U. We don't do too great on the East Coast, so usually we just go there on the Warped Tour and that's it. Oh, I also wanted to point out just to point it out - it was that X-Files episode that got me into the Vandals.