The screensaver on Albert's computer is up and never changes even though Hitch and Albert hit the desk with enough force to make the desk move.

Any movement of the mouse should cause the screensaver to disappear and the last page Albert was working on to come back up.

Presumably, his whole face swelled, starting with his right, then his left. Since Hitch has taken a seat, there is one less seat for the speed dating participants.

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Hitch's face is gradually getting worse, starting with his right side.

After he has had the medicine and he's walking in the park, his face is going down. During the speed dating scene, Hitch jumps in to talk to Sara.

When the one minute ding goes off, Hitch moves over infront of Sara's friend, the guy sits with Sara and the guy infront of her friend now stands and has no seat. Peter Vanicelli Most cab drivers in NYC know the apporx amount of a fare.

If you ask they will tell you and you can pay them almost immediately after getting in.

I have found that I do this even when I am slamming on my brakes to avoid hitting something.

The boat is always moored on the same side, it's only the direction of the shot that changes.

Peter Vanicelli When Hitch closes the taxi door after Sara gets in following their first date, his shirt gets stuck in the door and tears as he tries to free himself.

Later on in the film, Sara calls him and tells him she has his shirt.

After Hitch moves on to talk to Sara's friend, the blond guy is left standing without a seat.