Anything that could impede a recruits ability to serve will usually be a disqualification. It may very well be that the military just wants to keep the "freaks" out.The list of possible complications on the intersex wikipedia article is basically just infertility and a marginally higher chance to develop some cancers.I think a lot of the time, people overestimate how much the military needs people.

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The obvious answer is no, and it's hard to expand any more within the bounds of GQ. You know, someone could have repair surgery done and never be told about it if it happened before they could form memories.

The comments about how admitting gays would disrupt unit cohesiveness and hurt morale are the same arguments that were used against allowing women and minorities to serve. (5) History of major abnormalities or defects of the genitalia such as change of sex (P64.5), hermaphroditism, pseudohermaphroditism, or pure gonadal dysgenesis (752.7) or dysfunctional residuals from surgical correction of these conditions is disqualifying." As to whether this is a legitimate condition which warrants exclusion is beyond my limited medical knowledge. Army reg AR 40501, which is the med standards for entry, says "214. Hell, I was in the hospital when I was 4 and I now know what happened and I barely remember it- when I got old enough to be curious I asked my mom why I was in the hospital and got told.

I'm not defending the military on this, just offering an alternative viewpoint.

Yes, it would add a layer of complications when determining whether a recruit bunks, showers, etc.

with the women or the men, especially if the recruit's dominant genitalia is at odds with their gender identity.

Not to mention the issues of fraternization, harassment and rape, which are why the military separates male and female soldiers in the first place.Though I did like getting the viewmaster and discs...[I was also grumpy because they would wake me up to give me sedatives to go to sleep...That, like severe uncorrected vision problems or impaired hearing, might not be obviously disqualifying to an outsider but in the combat environment it can quickly become a liability both to the individuals and others depending on him/her.However, I strongly suspect "keep the freaks out" is a factor in many cases.The performance of genital modification on intersex infants and children is denounced by the intersex community as it is commonly invasive and humiliating (when procedures continue into the age of memory and when parents treat it as a big secret), is frequently arbitrary as to the physical sex assigned and reconstructed (which may well not concord to the child's gender identity), and often eliminates healthy, sensitive tissue, with impact on the person's later sex life.