” although named after the sexist slur fired by said president at Hillary Clinton – is not exclusively about being a woman in the US in 2017.

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REC staff are bringing them sleeping bags and are trying to contact the fraudulent cyclists, trying to convince them to come back for one more lap so the counters can finally go home. UBC REC’s website is so poorly organized; there is no way I’m sorting through that giant single page of unsorted results. You had better have the next 40 minutes free and a lot of patience.

Anyone who may have performed well today and was omitted from this post either chose a dumb team name that is not their real name for an individual event or does not have the words “Triathlon” or “Club” in it. My grade 4 swim meets had live online streaming and results available up to the minute, no reason UBC REC can’t.

It rains enough in Vancouver that we shouldn’t feel bad about it, right? Although leaving them strewn about would probably be a bigger contribution to the community.

10 cent cans don’t last 30 seconds on a front lawn in Kitsilano.

Teams composed of triathlon club members managed to finish with times of and for first and second place in the campus wide Co Ed division.

The cohesive group of Lindsey, Sean, Chris (Hart), Sebastian and Tiffany were able to consistently lower their times all week- , , .

Classes include: Counting Carefully up to Ten, Actually Being Able to Raise Your Voice Over 30 Decibels and Keeping Your Composure While Mostly Naked Hunks Cruise By You.

It’s a tough job, they actually aren’t allowed to leave until all cyclists complete the course for liability reasons (REC takes waivers seriously); they are still out there huddled under an umbrella.

They need an overworked, underappreciated volunteer IT staff member.