Q: How can I get access to early preview or beta version?

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Alternatively if you like a little bit more control you can do it manually by downloading the patch from Rockstars servers here.

Once you have downloaded the patch you will have a file called "GTAIV_MAINTENANCE_UPDATE_1004.rar".

Unfortunately you cannot use the file untill you have "unrarred" it.

To do this you will need an unrarring program like winrar. Install winrar onto your system and you will then be able to unrar the patch to your hard disc.

Q: Does Liberty City requires unofficial multiplayer clients? Q: Will this tool work with Episodes from Liberty City? Q: Can I play with this mod Online with my friends?

A: No, you will not be able to play online because Rockstar Games does not allows mods in GTA Online.

So I felt it was time we had a "GTA 4 for the PC FAQ".

This topic will try and have answers to all those niggly questions.

Another thing you can check is Launch many members have been disabling this once the game starts running.