In the evening, you can look forward to having a brilliant night as Galway’s renowned nightlife scene is vibrant, diverse and full of craic.

Enjoy some Irish music if that’s what you’re looking for.

I must have lost concentration for a moment and dropped the thread.

Galway girl nude-88

Paul Fahy, Galway’s charismatic and brilliant director, posed for a photograph beside a pair of old-fashioned underpants, painted in acrylics with images of Circe the enchantress.

“She was the one who turned men into swine,” said Kindness, who manages to mix a sense of the ridiculous with a keen seriousness. Artists Alice Maher and Dermot Seymour were there, talking with radio presenter Marion Richardson.

“Or rather I wish it was.” The metal is collected here every week.

It grows to mammoth proportions and then, overnight, disappears, picked up by ships to sail off goodness knows where.

There had been calls for censorship, an orchestrated moral outcry.

Thank God (indeed) that times have changed.“…and breaking hearts and pulverizing livers, and sex in every breath,” the voice continued.

Long before he married Maher, Seymour had painted a nude of Richardson, his then girlfriend and a children’s TV presenter.

It hung in a show that Kindness was part of, in the Douglas Hyde Gallery.

We walked into a space set up like a dismal 1950s hotel room.

Maher, Richardson, and I sprawled on the bed, while Seymour took the chair.

I almost wished for something to take the floor and get it all going, though it was soon thick with people drinking Absolut cocktails and pondering artworks by John Kindness, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Leonie King.