This is for Kurosaki11Orihime mostly because she put it up first, so respect due to her. Gackt is awwwwwwwwwesome incredibly hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ayumi hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL The place I think of when I hear this song is the road. When I was young, my family and I would go on lots of trips, usually the beach or another state like Nevada (when I lived in California) or Louisiana (when I lived in Alabama).

The PV for NEXT LEVEL shows ayumi road-tripping so that’s how I click with this song and vacations on the road.

Rumors about this divorce were inevitable and have been swirling around almost as soon as she announced her marriage.

We previously reported about a post from Nikkon Sports back in October of last year when she updated her Twitter with a photo showing herself hugging a tall man who was thought to not have been her husband.

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