Once again, Big Bang are causing VIPs much excitement by dropping yet another tidbit about their personal love lives.

Unfortunately, it's hard to believe G-Dragon though, considering he has never really explained what's going on with him and Kiko Mizuhara.

We exchanged handwritten letters, and I even talked to her mom on the phone." There was a funny moment while he was talking about calling the girlfriend's mom because Seungri slipped out a Japanese word, which seemed to indicate that the girl was Japanese.

G-Dragon made fun of the moment, saying, "Is she from Osaka or something?

u will still be our intl playboy but she will be YOUR one and only.

he didnt go into detail WHEN this rship happened though so who knows.

They deserve happiness," said Lillianforever in a 6Theory forum.

The declaration about Seungri's and G-Dragon's relationship statuses comes shortly after both Big Bang members experienced controversy over their dating lives.

Whatever the relationship status of Big Bang members G-Dragon and Seungri, the pair alongside their group mates will always be under scrutiny when it comes to dating.

That's what happens when a large percentage of your fan base are female.

Earlier this month, some outlets speculated that a woman photographed leaving a club with Seungri was his girlfriend.