Some players use different user names for different types of matches. Your tournament matches will time out on their own.

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Where can I see how much time is remaining in my time pools? Ratings and List of Players How are ratings calculated? Does the length of a match have any bearing on the ratings? When you log in again, those moves will be waiting for you!

Is there a time limit for an opponent to forfeit (timeout) a non-tournament match? Later, your opponent will log in and respond to your moves.

Do you allow multiple accounts from the same person? Top We reserve the right to delete comments and terminate accounts.

Each user name must have a unique valid e-mail address. However, it would be a courtesy to your opponents to resign your matches before you leave.

*Note: If you type your e-mail address into any public areas such as your user profile page or a discussion posting, it is no longer private since anyone can see it.

If that address becomes invalid, your account may become insecure.

Troubleshooting What do I do if I forget my password? When you log in, you complete a series of moves (move sequence) in each of your matches, and the server records your moves.

Can I choose not to play opponent's computer guesses? You sign up for one or more matches (most people have several matches going simultaneously) with other players on the site.

Can I change my user name or private e-mail address? What are the guidelines for posting to the Discussion board? Are the tournaments seeded according to rating or randomly? Why are there sometimes players with high ratings in the Beginners' tournaments? Top Top "Jordan", aka Jordan Lampe, is a software engineer who lives in New York. Jordan created Daily Gammon as a hobby project and is the Chief Programmer.

Are tournaments created automatically or is there a way i can create one? When the Grim Timekeeper is off, can I forget about all my games? By this method, over the course of a few weeks you can complete an entire backgammon match, spending only a few minutes a day.

How can I tell when the computer is guessing and my opponent has stopped playing? I accidentally clicked the wrong button (accepted double, etc.). Daily Gammon is postal chess meets backgammon meets the internet.