How can we help to improve your I'm very happy with this service.

e Releases provided timely and professional responses to our enquiries. It seems the minute you get on there, there is someone holding your hand throughout the process.

They are a hard-working group who appear to enjoy their work. The E in e-releases stands for "Excellent" to me and my company.

The show weaves a collage of dramatic devices and literary slights of hand to lure the audience into a world imagined by Dorothy Parker, THE 1920's writer, wit and critic.

The show won "Best of" at The San Francisco Fringe Festival and enjoyed a successful extended run at the Exit Theatre and other theatres through out the west coast. Inspired by music from the 1966 French film “A Man and a Woman,” The Ballad of Frankee and Matilde may appear at first glance to be a simple love story, two lost and awkward souls finding each other and being carried away by new and sudden infatuation.

I have worked with lots of PR distribution companies and e Releases is by far my favorite.

They really make sure it looks good, and suggest alternate headlines & captions to improve readability. Their staff is always great to work with, helpful and very knowledgeable.And when I ordered my selected distribution plan, a customer service rep called me within a few minutes to make sure all my quest I've been in PR for three decades and e-releases is by far the best service for small agencies and businesses.They are knowledgeable, friendly and very willing to help.I recommend them to anyone I know who wants to do press releases, period.This one-woman show, based on the works and life of Dorothy Parker is created and performed by theatre artist Mary Bennett.Hands down, I will continue to choose e-releases over other press release distribution services. I am very impressed that after we signed up with e-releases, I received a nice letter and Mickie Kennedy's book "Beginner's Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases." Following that, I received an email from one of your associates with a list of ideas Easy to navigate the site when submitting a press release and if you do have ANY questions, they are instantly answered.