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read the full post So as it says, my sister is a heroin addict.

It all started when were children, my dad was brutally murdered outside our home with my sister witnessing the whole thing at the age of 11.

BUT he has bullimia and is a cocaine abuser , he has cost me thousands (not anymore since i realised i was enabeling him) He has used my credit cards, stolen money, threatened my hubby.

Every time we try to talk e becomes aggresive and it frigh…

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The Trust provides information and support for family members and is staffed by people with experience of drug and alcohol issues in their own families.However he stopped taking medication then relapsed an hasnt stopped since.Hes now drinking average of 1 litre of vodka a day an has rece…Volunteers from The Icarus Trust may reply to your post.If you have any feedback on the blog please email us.Families sometimes feel lost or struggle to express themselves regarding a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.