One of the more powerful Layout Manager implementations is the Grid Bag Layout class which requires the use of the Grid Bag Constraints class to specify how layout control occurs.

This enables a programmer to implement fluent interfaces natively.

In Ruby strings are instances of a String class, by defining new methods to the String class which each returns strings, we natively allow chaining of methods.

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There are many examples of Java Script libraries that use some variant of this: j Query probably being the most well known.

Typically fluent builders are used to implement 'database queries', for example in : The Ruby language allows modifications to core classes.Each return the instance of the Employee class allowing to chain methods.Single-line chained statements may be more difficult to debug as debuggers may not be able to set breakpoints within the chain.A common example is the iostream library in C , which uses the operators for the message passing, sending multiple data to the same object and allowing "manipulators" for other method calls.Other early examples include the Garnet system (from 1988 in Lisp) and the Amulet system (from 1994 in C ) which used this style for object creation and property assignment.Only HD solo videos starring some of the finest pieces of ass on this planet.