Anyone you knew could be on the list – even your best friend’s boyfriend – because you didn’t have to actually sleep with any of the guys; you just had to want to.

The list was about loosening up and keeping hope alive.

Charlie had a week’s vacation, and I, freshly unemployed, happened to be available for the rest of my life.

I bought a fake ring at the airport, which turned my finger green before we arrived at the hotel.

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Editor's Note: Sarah Payne Stuart grew up in Concord MA, under the influence of the writings of Louisa May Alcott.

First of all – and I apologize for the depth of my shallowness – I was (at least) ten pounds overweight.

I couldn’t fit into my bellbottom jeans or Gap miniskirts and was forced to wear jury-rigged style-free outfits to work.

Sarah's brother was allowed to stay nearby, now working out of a warehouse immediately next door to the Vault 21 Hotel.

Sarah and her brother seem to keep in touch via e-mail despite their physical proximity, likely due to the extreme discomfort both would experience from being outside even for the short trip between structures.

At age eighteen, Stuart fled Concord for Harvard, where she avoided classes and became one of the first women editors of the . For Signature's That Summer series, in which authors share personal stories on the summers that shaped them or their subjects, Sarah takes us back the to the freewheeling 1970s, where one's opportunities in the workplace were, well, many.