Don’t overlook the opportunity to connect with them through all other channels you are using.

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If you have multiple departments, like sales and support, why not streamline your communication by creating group specific chat links?

This way, you’ll be able to assign customers to the right department and improve their experience from the very start.

We analyzed the qualitative data in our live chat transcripts to create a vocabulary of customer words.

We used this data to optimize our website and landing page copy and saw a 176.33% conversion rate increase.

On top of that, it will add personality to your emails and create a great customer-centric first impression.

To add the direct chat link to your Gmail signature, go to Gmail settings and scroll down to the ‘Signature’ section.

On other times, customers need to share their personal details and since Twitter is public, it’s not a good place for that.

You should react to such moments by tweeting your chat link to take the case off the Twitter.

To generate the chat link for a specific group, go to the direct link section and select the desired group from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the panel.