Sean was kind enough to spend a little more time with us to discuss his latest film The Florida... We road tripped up to the lovely little city of Reno again, this time for CHILI!

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We caught up with Coryn all the way across the world in the Netherlands as she is gearing...

Thank you San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for having us sit down and interview documentary filmmaker Sophia Kruz.

The future looks bright after speaking with the girls from the upcoming film STEP.

Bitch Talk sat down with three of the featured dancers in the film - Blessin Giraldo, Tayla Solomon, and Cori Grainger to talk about their time at the Baltimore... As a breakout contemporary dancer and choreographer, Bobbi isn't afraid to bare her soul and body in a new documentary film following her journey from Tel Aviv, Israel, back to the states to chase after her solo dance...

We are pleased to introduce to our Bitch Talk audience a woman who is kicking ass in the cycling world.

Her name is Coryn Rivera and she's taking no prisoners.5 on STARZ), and when we spoke with her, she was in an editing bay... There's so much to talk about and catch up on that we needed a basic bitch session.The World Series has been surprisingly exciting (with a touch of racism....looking at you Yuli Gurriel). We couldn't get enough of director/writer/producer/editor Sean Baker the first time we interviewed him that we had to have him on the podcast again!We 3 director Geremy Jasper and after you listen to our interview with him, we think you will too.The writer and director of the upcoming film Patti Cake$ is a genuine guy who wanted to tell the story of his upbringing in New Jersey and show his...Director Sophie Brooks can hang with Bitch Talk anytime.