You can filter out new messages via the settings cog.

For streamers, these messages won’t be a pain to control or moderate either.

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By default, you’ll receive on-site notifications for these messages.

If you’d like to turn them off, you can do so from your Settings page in the top-right drop-down and unchecking “A video from a channel I moderate has messages” in the “On Twitch” section. What settings are there for me to help manage this?

The feature was previously only available in Canada at the beginning of the year, but is now rolling out to users globally.

It’s probably not going to replace the way you’ve shared videos with pals if you’re already used to doing so via apps like Facebook Messenger, but it’s a quicker option if you and your friends are often exchanging You Tube links and want a dedicated space to just talk about videos.

The feature will be built in to You Tube’s share button, and lets you select from your phone’s contacts list.

You can also get a direct link to share and add new friends to discuss the video with, if that’s your thing.

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Twitch is a wonderful live platform (haven’t you heard?