2.90 miles MLK Soccerplex .75 miles Ranchview (sidewalk trail) .25 miles Rockwind Community Links (perimeter) 2.60 miles Dog Park – East side of Del Norte Park Source: Hobbs Department of Parks & Rec Eunice Aquatic Center – 11th street & Ave.

Xcel reports that about 60 percent of the foundations for lines connecting a substation in Hobbs to one just north of the Village of Loving have been completed.

Unfavorable weather conditions haven't slowed the project's progress, said Wes Reeves, spokesman for Xcel Energy in a news release.

The Backbone Hub will be will be protected against electromagnetic pulse and electromagnetic interference, and house most of the operations centers for the only humans allowed in the CITE.

According to its website, “CITE will be a catalyst for the acceleration of research into applied, market-ready products by providing ‘end to end’ testing and evaluation of emerging technologies and innovations …

Currently T- and H-frame structures and conductor wire are beginning to be installed, in addition to progress being made on the foundations.

Xcel began the project by noting the need to respond to growth in several industries in Lea and Eddy Counties, including oil and gas and potash mining.

But the results would depend on a lot of factors out of the researchers’ control, such as how warm or cool the homeowners liked their rooms to be.

Or whether some of the homes in the neighborhood had better insulation than others.

"These projects came about through a push by Xcel Energy and our customers to get ahead of the expected growth.