Mesa, also called Mesa3D and The Mesa 3D Graphics Library, is an open-source device driver and software implementation of the Open GL, Vulkan and other specifications.

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Second, it delivers on the promise, as the comparison below suggests.

Third and most importantly, not only did Valve is a free download and is available via Shack News and as a Torrent.

The long awaited Black Mesa Source mod is available to download (or at least it will be once the site comes back to life, it's just been hammered by thousands of eager fans).

We'll post a download link as soon the smoke clears, here's the dead website for now.

Historically the main API that Mesa has implemented is Open GL, along with other Khronos Group related specifications (like Open VG, Open GL ES or recently EGL).

But Mesa can implement other APIs and indeed it did with Glide (deprecated) and Direct3D 9 (since July 2013.).

The version released today isn’t complete, but it’s pretty close.

Gordon can travel from the first moments on the train all the way through the Lambda Core stages, while the final Xen stages and multiplayer maps will come a bit later.

The main website is being hammered right now, so the torrent is probably the fastest way to get it for the time being.

As one of the titles in the first round of Steam Greenlight, the conversion will soon be available on Steam for download and updates as well.

Besides 3D applications such as games, modern display servers ('s Glamor or Wayland's Weston) use Open GL/EGL; therefore all graphics typically go through Mesa. Nvidia Ge Force driver and AMD Catalyst for Radeon) replace all of Mesa, providing their own implementation of a graphics API, rather than providing a driver that Mesa talks to.