After everything, the number one question we received from fans was: What happened after Day 40?The idea of doing an entire “What happened next section” of the book was important to us, so we kept journals for up to a year after the experiment ended—which is all in the book.

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The book also covers so much more, including Q&A’s about our childhoods, and our lives before we met; a history of dating and a dating map; worst date stories and essays about love and relationships from different people, such as the screenwriter to the movie, Lorene Scafaria, and tons of new artwork. One of the most rewarding and surprising aspects of the result of releasing the blog was that we connected to people and started a dialogue about love and relatinoships Ultimately, we knew that our stories and issues were not unlike a lot of people's issues.

As creative people, we love the process of making something provocative that could potentially inspire and touch people.

The couple — spoiler alert — doesn't end up together, though both Walsh and Goodman say there are no hard feelings, and they remain close.

"We went from being friends to dating to being exes to business partners," Goodman said.

So, do these newly minted dating gurus have any advice for the other poor singles dating in New York? Fill out daily questionnaire and document everything 6.

"Being in New York, there's always someone who's smarter, more talented, more interesting at every corner," Goodman said.

As designers, our first instinct was to create an elaborate oversized beautiful coffee table book with fancy printing techniques, tip ins, gilded edges, all the bells and whistles.

However we quickly realized that would become an expensive and unaccessible book.

After 40 days went viral, we were approached by numerous editors and publishers who wanted us to write a book.