The University has an access to global networks (Internet and Runet) through fiberoptic wire telecommunication channel and uplink.

The results are well-known in Russia as well as abroad At the University students are engaged in scientific research work under the guidance of experienced supervisors.

Advanced students participate in regional and international scientific conferences and in Annual Student Scientific Conference of the University.

The University has its own geographically distributed high-speed corporate network Extranet including more than 2000 computers located in different buildings and hostels of the University.

Internet and Intranet - sites of the University, digital library and other information resources are also functioning.

The University is equipped with up to date academic and research facilities.

Educational television, cinema, audiovisual technologies, computer-aided design systems, information technologies, etc. Our international graduates take perspective and well-paid positions all over the world.

The University is a large specialized academic and research center which consists of 5 full-time departments: Radio Engineering and Telecommunication, Electronics, Automation and Information Technologies in Management, Computer Science, Engineering and Economics.

The University trains engineers, economists, managers. Bachelor's (23 programs), Specialists and Master's (13 programs) degrees earned here make a strong basis for future career building.

Preparatory courses for all university entrants, including citizens of UIS Subjects:, Physics, mathematics, Russian language Starting date: 25-26 of June; Duration: 3 weeks of 6 days (6-7 hours) - about 120 hours; Fees : 2500 roubles. Devices and methods of experimental physics Physical electronics Physics of semi-conductors Information measuring and control systems (in branches of industry) Medical devices, systems and wares.