And I tell you, wonderful Patty, I'm only on DVD 2!!!!!!!!!

I have been emailing and talking to a new man, and we had arranged to meet for the first time. It comes down to being proud of who you are, using your body language correctly. ” - Kim“I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying reading your book.

I work for a high profile mens' rugby ...” - Sandy“I always thought that in order to be successful in the business world, a woman needed to tap into her male energy – but not anymore! It got me lots of dates and a husband who I have been married to going on 23 years. This book is already helping me feel more confident and sensual on and off the dance floor.

Just listening I could feel my body language shift and open up.

You truly allow women-- people to shine by shining yourself and I just want to thank you.

When you want to learn how to attract a man, remember your confidence is mirrored by the way you move and it makes no difference what size you are or how old you are, it matters how you FEEL, and the best way to show that off to the world is in the way you MOVE that beautiful body!

If you're longing to know how to attract men and to be an approachable woman that can turn heads and be visible, let me tell you - YOU CAN!

I have had a Mini-Patty sitting on my shoulder all morning whispering in my ear and I can already see small changes.” - Ki Ki“Thank you for being a lighthouse! I am so glad I found you on the internet as I did not know how powerful one's body language could be. I always suffered from lack of confidence but when I followed your sit , stand and speak .was like magic..

When you described that woman who walks into the room and all eyes are on her.. I suddenly had men and women drawn to me..always complimenting me .random strangers!

Your every movement is so natural, beautiful and meaningful.