This caused some stress in my relationship and we felt disconnected.

After using Fiera for about 10 minutes my first time, I felt in the mood to get romantic.

It helped get rid of the performance anxiety we both felt.

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Being a former scientist and a clinical trial manager I tend to only believe in products with some sort of empirical demonstration, proof of concept or outstanding reviews, so trying Fiera was a no brainer since it had all the above.

It took me a couple times to adjust it on my body, but after that I have noticed not only improvements in arousal, but increased clitoral sensitivity (which normally required some extra help from the hubby☺).

I believe Fiera really improved my mood, arousal and sensitivity, and as a result got me closer to my husband again.

Fiera is elegant, portable, feminine, hands free, easy to use and scientifically proven to work.

Changes in desire, physical arousal, and loss of pleasure are not uncommon.

Find out if Fiera “As a postmenopausal woman, I became less interested in sex after more than 20 years of marriage.

The end result was a night that made us both feel great.