His father went on to serve as the paid secretary-treasurer of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific from 1925 to 1950.Ansel's father's business suffered great financial losses after the death of Ansel's grandfather and the aftermath of the Panic of 1907.

family chronicles dating old photographs-69

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He primarily used large-format cameras because the large film used with these cameras (primarily 5x4 and 8x10) contributed to sharpness in his prints.

Adams founded the photography group known as Group f/64, along with fellow photographers Willard Van Dyke and Edward Weston.

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Among his earliest memories was watching the smoke from the ensuing fire that destroyed much of the city a few miles to the east.

A doctor recommended that his nose be reset once he reached maturity, Adams was a hyperactive child and prone to frequent sickness and hypochondria.

Adams and Fred Archer developed the Zone System as a way to determine proper exposure and adjust the contrast of the final print.

The resulting clarity and depth characterized his photographs.

Some of the induced near-poverty was because Ansel's uncle Ansel Easton and Cedric Wright's father George Wright had secretly sold their shares of the company to the Hawaiian Sugar Trust for a large amount of money, "knowingly providing the controlling interest." Ansel was dismissed from several private schools for being restless and inattentive, so his father decided to pull him out of school in 1915 at age 12.