The General tab in the bottom half of the pane shows more information.In this case we can see the database backup failed because of insufficient disk space.

event viewer application log not updating-62

The event log stores information about all events that occur in the system.

It is useful to view logged information if unwanted behavior occurs in the system and you want to find out where the problem originates or get additional details.

Indicates if the system logs events in your Windows Event Viewer.

Use the Modify feature of the Kentico installer, if you haven't turned on the Registration of Kentico in Windows Event Log option when installing Kentico.

You can click on any column header to sort events by that field in ascending or descending order.

For example, you may want to view events of critical status only or events from a particular source.

You can configure the system to automatically send e-mail notifications whenever errors occur in the application.

You can find an API example of logging events into the event log in Designing secure error messages.

Additionally, some applications write to log files, for example IIS access logs, in text format.

Windows displays its event logs in the Windows Event Viewer.

Create and assign an instance of the Note: Using the regular expression properties to filter the event log may have a negative impact on the performance of the website (particularly on sites under heavy load where a large number of events is logged).