"A lot of the leaders I have spoken to are really focused on the family even in urban areas where singleness is a bit part of the population, although there are high numbers of single people across the UK.

"There's this feeling that you can't be an evangelical minister unless you've got four children," he jokes.

"It's deep-rooted and dates back to the Protestant Reformation and split from the Catholic tradition.

While this may not be the intention, this is the perception among many single Christians, according to a recent survey by dating site Christian Connection.

The study of almost 3,000 people found that nearly four in 10 single Christians felt "inadequate or ignored" within their churches.

The single Christian in an evangelical church was more likely to disagree that singleness was a positive choice for them; and also felt less part of their churches than those from other denominations.

Researcher Dr David Pullinger wrote: "They are much less happy than members of all other churches in being single and enjoy the benefits of singleness less than those members of other types of church. They feel expected to marry someone of the Christian faith, avoid sex and yet are given little teaching on relationships and singleness compared to other types of church whose members have similar expectations.They have more contact with families – youth groups and mums and toddlers groups, for example."It is a big challenge to the Church to find out all the huge variety of things that single people – many of whom don't want to be labelled 'single' - go to. If we don't reach out to single people, the Church is going to decline." When it comes to catering to the needs of those single people already in church, the research showed that evangelicals were more likely to hold their church leader responsible for making sure this happened.According to International Business Times, my friend is just one of over 2 billion Christians in the world, and those who are single need a place to turn to where they can meet people who are like-minded and have similar ideals.That’s where these Christian dating apps come in, and we’re bringing you the best of the best.Some singletons are much older, some are single parents raising families, some are widows and widowers, some are divorcees.