After the game, Erin Andrews let us know that she could only ask one question of Rodgers.There was some online speculation that Packers PR or someone else with the organization was shutting down the amount of post-game questions, but Andrews later clarified that she was limited by the amount of time remaining on the FOX broadcast.

" "I have no idea what tomorrow will bring," Andrews replied.

"We're brought up thinking our lives are going to be a Taylor Swift song. You don't know what is going to bring you happiness." PHOTOS: Celebrity wives and girlfriends of NFL players The Fox Sports reporter, 37, and NHL hunk, 33, hit a rough patch after Stoll was arrested in April for suspicion of cocaine and ecstasy possession.

I heard a while back that "A star QB was dating an ESPN reporter, and ESPN wasn't happy about it." I went thru the star QBs, and the only one without a wife or serious GF was Rodgers, so this makes sense.

I think it was the last episode of Inside the Huddle with Donald Driver where James Jones profiled Graham Harrell when Jones does his in the house segment.

Rodgers did a good job taking blame for the first half and congratulating his line, and also said the offense had been missing a healthy Randall Cobb, who exploded in the game after Jordy Nelson’s injury.

Here’s a matchup we didn’t see coming: Aaron Rodgers versus Erin Andrews.ESPN sideline analyst Erin Andrews has been spending a lot of time in Green Bay lately and according to sources, it is because she is dating Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Supposedly, the happy couple has been seeing each other for several months now and spent a lot of time together during the Packers bye week six weeks ago.In addition, they have done a real good job of keeping their little relationship under wraps as to not cause attention to themselves. Apparently, Andrews was seen in Green Bay eating lunch at a restaurant a block away from Lambeau Field and overheard that she was heading there to see Rodgers.Jones was hilarious by messing with Harrell over looking more like a bum living in someones basement and besides his TV, Harrell looked liked all his possessions combined were worth maybe 100 bucks.So if Graham wants to step up his putang game, the guy might want to live more like a professional athlete and less like a 25 year old stoner living in his parents basement.“I don’t think its anybody’s business, whether I am dating, not dating, who that person is, what they do, I really don’t feel that’s anybody’s business,” Rodgers said. My public life is scrutinized as much as possible by people, positively or negatively”.