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There’s still no word on why the ABS got the nod instead of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Lifehacker asked the ABS why it is conducting the survey as opposed to the AEC and was told "Collecting statistical information is core business for the ABS." It’s also the reason that we are now calling this a ‘postal survey’, rather than a ‘plebiscite’. A referendum is only undertaken when the Australian Constitution needs to be changed.

Thus, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to return forms by October 27.

Provided you get your forms on September 12, you have 48 days to answer and post your vote back before October 27.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition government stated that they would hold a compulsory attendance plebiscite on the issue of same-sex marriage if they were elected and so they brought the bill to Parliament but it was shot down by Labor, the Greens and various crossbenchers because of it’s expense, the fact that it was non-binding and how it would potentially affect the LGBTI community.

After trying to get the bill through Parliament a second time, it was again knocked back and so the Coalition government decided to hold this ‘postal survey’, which means that legislation would not have to be passed for the plebiscite to occur.Australians have had the opportunity to vote on the issue of same-sex marriage in Australia via a postal survey since September 12.There’s a lot of information to take in and not all of the language is easy to understand.If you are yet to receive your form, you should check out our guide on what to do next.If, for whatever reason, you lose or damage your form, you can request an additional form from the ABS up until 6pm on October 18.It is compulsory for every Australian to vote in a referendum and the Government is bound by the result.