While it's unclearly exactly what was going on with Kim's relationship with Eminem between after their first marriage in 1999, it's pretty safe to say it was a total mess. Keith Ablow interview with Kim, she explains how Eminem taking his alter ego on tour destroyed her self esteem and made her attempt to take her own life in 2000:"Seeing the crowd's response and everybody cheering, singing the words and laughing and it just felt like everyone was staring at me.

I knew that it was about me and that night I went home and I tried to commit suicide.""When Marshall's first tour started is when his ego just went 'poof.' Like he was God, that's what he thought. I was just told that I should be grateful that he still talks to me, you know how many women throw themselves at him.

It was during this time that Eminem created his violent alter-ego Slim Shady and began to channel his frustration and rage into his now infamous songs about Kim including “97 Bonnie and Clyde.” The ultra-violent song tells the tale of Slim Shady taking his infant daughter, Hailie to dispose of Kim's murdered corpse in a lake.

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He goes by the name of Eminem - legendary shit tonight," Drake said.

And Eminem was just as complimentary back, saying: "It's an honour to share the stage with this man right here.

Kim was just 13 when she was transfixed by a 15-year-old Eminem rapping LL Cool J's "I'm Bad" while standing on a table at a mutual friends house party.

After their first encounter, love's young dream blossomed quickly and Kim soon ran away from home to live with Marshall and his mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs. As the duo continued dating throughout the '90s, #Eminem worked tirelessly on his rap career and began getting involved with rap battles at Detroit's famous Hip-Hop-Shop.

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By the time Hailie was born on Christmas day 1995, Eminem was working up to 60 hours a week.

When Marshall and Kim reconciled, Whitney was unofficially adopted by Eminem who spoke out affectionately about her in a 2005 interview: Kim and her twin sister, Dawn, didn't have the best start in life after running away from their alcoholic parents at 13 years old and they have both struggled with addiction issues themselves.

Unfortunately, while Kim managed to overcome her dependency on alcohol and drugs, Dawn truly fell under the unrelenting thumb of addiction in a way that eventually caused her death in January 2016.

Then I played her the song, and she bugged the f*ck out.” Kim and Eminem got married in 1999 just before Marshall head off on the now infamous 'Up In Smoke' tour alongside Dr.

Dre, Snoop Dogg and a handful of other high profile rappers.

The aspiring rapper finally caught the attention of a local producer named Marky Bass who was eager to work with the determined young wannabe.