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Brody and Nick (Lauren's cats) have no plans whatsoever as they are cats and do whatever they want.

Matt suggested we cross the bridge, and when we got to the middle he stopped.

He began telling me again that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and all the while I'm watching this family of geese milling around the park grounds ..... I was thinking "Way to ruin a romantic moment, geese!

The timeline in my head was maybe a proposal on Christmas or New Years, so when Matt came over for a family Halloween party I was not expecting anything.

He wanted to take me "someplace nice" and throughout lunch he was staring at me intensely and saying things like "I love you so much, you mean a lot to me...." My response was something along the lines of "I love you, too! "After lunch we went for a walk in a local park that has a bridge going over a river.

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Lauren loved the idea, and may have stated that she wouldn't have stuck around this long if she didn't want to be with Matt forever.