The influence of the Pacific air mass weakens in eastern Alberta, giving way to continental air masses originating in the Arctic and mid-western US.

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However, tied to growth in petroleum production, construction increased rapidly again in the early 2000s. These special events draw thousands of visitors, millions of dollars in revenue, and have resulted in infrastructure such as the Calgary Olympic Park, which continues to draw tourists.

Legislative power is vested in an 87-member, single-chamber, elected legislative assembly as well as a lieutenant-governor, appointed by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister and who acts as the Crown’s representative.

Air funnelling through the Rockies also produces the warm, dry chinook winds, especially strong and prevalent in southwestern Alberta.

Chinooks can raise temperatures dramatically within hours, melting snow and exposing grass, and providing welcome respite during the long, cold winter.

Precipitation is generally low, ranging from about 30 cm annually in the southeast to 40–45 cm in the north except for the foothills region, where accumulations reach 55–60 cm annually.

The dry clear air provides Albertans with plenty of sunshine, ranging from 1,900 annual hours in the north to 2,300 in the Lethbridge area in the south.The growing season lasts about 120 days in southern Alberta, decreasing to 60 days in the north.In the north the shorter season is offset by longer days and lower altitudes; and wheat is grown as far north as the Peace River.Resources Alberta is Canada's foremost energy-resource province.It is home to the oil sands, or the largest oil reserve in the country (making it the third largest in the world), as well as vast amounts of natural gas and coal.Calgary is the headquarters of Greyhound Canada Transportation Co, the largest intercity bus system in Canada, and Red Arrow, an Alberta company, which has service between Fort Mc Murray, Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.