And we live in the same house so you can’t really escape the person.

Jaclyn Methuen may have had nice things to say about her husband during the reunion, but she also admitted that she was hurt by how things ended.

The experts tried to nudge them back together to give it another shot.

Now it seems that it’s official that all three couples have called it quits. Viewers already knew that Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio had called it quits, and there was clearly no chance of any cordial relationship continuing once the two appeared on the reunion special.

Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino said they were giving their marriage a solid shot in the finale, but things got ugly quickly.

Are Jaclyn and Ryan married and continuing their relationship?

Viewers had really fallen for this duo in particular, but hopes were dashed when it was time for them to share a relationship update.

Ultimately, though, they clearly were not meant to last.

That brought viewers to the third couple from Season 2 of .

As a result of this realization, Adam has spent years improving his most valuable asset – his mental game.

gave fans a bit of hope for a lasting union, the reunion show has shared updates and the news isn’t good.

Like who would have ever predicted the Lindzi and Kalon love connection? So as far as Jaclyn and Ed go, we know they have hung out after taping and we know they Tweet. We are thinking no, but we are going to keep an eye on this one….because it may be a developing situation!