Of course with the new functionality there was also a bit of a learning curve.

CS4 continues Dreamweaver's integration into Creative Suite but the changes are more evolutionary than those in CS3.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask additional questions. Our online e-commerce site is doing well, but I know the html and search engine requirements are changing and I am afraid at some point our site my not display properly or be recognized by all search engines. Gordon, several sites still sell old version of Dreamweaver they have in stock. BTW, according to the Adobe site you can upgrade to Dreamweaver 4 from Dreamweaver MX, 8 or CS3.

So..please tell me if I can purchase CS3 or CS4 and haul in my DW4 files and then after hours of learning curve, convert the hundreds of DW4 files into the updated CS3 or CS4. So, if you buy an older version, you should be able to get upgrade pricing on CS4 later.

With the announcement of Creative Cloud, Adobe has also changed its upgrade pricing policy.

For CS6 only owners of CS5 and CS5.5 will qualify for upgrade pricing discounts.

What you'll notice immediately is several UI (user interface) changes that may take a bit of getting used to. You'll get the benefit of two excellent updates, an improved UI and access to "modern" web technologies like CSS and AJAX. Make no mistake you may encounter a significant learning curve moving to CS4.

Other changes offer increase functionality - especially In-Context Edit and AIR Authoring - but you might never notice them if you don't go looking. How steep it is will depend upon your familiarity with advanced web technologies such as CSS.

In the Dreamweaver tutorials for my Dominate Dreamweaver course (https:// I focus on CSS throughout the twelve week course. Contact me at [email protected] you’d like more information. From just your basic description, I’d say you have a couple of options. I’d create a template, create new pages from the template (with the same names as the existing files) and then cut and paste the content in.

I have finally got DW CS4 – I have aproblem – it hasn’t seen any of my sites and I don’t fancy expoerting and importing one by one (I have many) – is there a way of getting DW CS4 to see my DW 8 sites ? In the Manage Sites dialog you should be able to select all the sites you want to export and click the Export… To make it easier on yourself, you might want to create a special folder to save the site definitions into. Your existing HTML should paste over although you should consider replacing it with CSS formatting which is the current standard (and will make future updtes easier).

Double-check your hostname, directory, login, and password, and try again.