We laughed and joked around for a while and then drifted to his room.

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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a 3 years now. He pounded me like there was no tomorrow and all I could do was try not to make a sound.

I came like 3 times before he was even close to coming. But after my fourth orgasm, which left me breathless and completely exhausted, he fucked me even harder, which left me sore the next day.

She had a great body; not much tits, but one hell of an ass, especially for a white girl.

It looked like she had already had a few drinks, but I offered to buy her another one when she got off the floor anyway.

She moaned, and begged me to give it to her, so I did.

I reached around to grab her tits and slid my throbbing cock into her.It didn’t take very long for her to get me rock hard.I pushed her back against the wall while she undid my pants, leaning over her and biting her ear. Then she stood up and told me she wanted me to fuck her.A few minutes after that, we went back into the bar. It was 2 o'clock in the morning and he and I left the club to go for a "walk." The streets were pretty empty and we found a little dark corner in the park. First I took off my thong and dangled it in front of him.Her friends flocked around her, which was good, because she passed out soon after that. I forgot to get her number, and I don't even know her name, but I still go to the club some Saturday nights, hoping to see her. Then he helped me out of my gown and soon he was naked on top of me.After her work on my cock, I came after a few minutes.