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Following this return to musical study, he received several important commissions.

He composed a piece for brass quintet celebrating the 40th anniversary of Expo 67.

Babins musical vocabulary was honed and refined in his works for piano - Qui suis-je?

, Vains sont les jours and finally Duel, which garnered a Special Mention at the BLA Grand Prize World Music Competition, held in Italy in the summer of 2010.

Enjoy a bar-b-que, entertain guests, and enjoy a little bit of downtime beneath the stars from any one of the surrounding patios.

The interior of the primary residence is spacious and open.The home has three (3) very large bedrooms, one (1) full bathroom, one (1) three quarter bathroom, and one (1) half bathroom. The home has received updates to both the plumbing and electrical, as well as a new hot water heater. The kitchen offers an abundance of granite counter space and more cabinetry than imaginable. There is an electrical well with a submersible pump at the headquarters. Because for this composer creation is a form of play.Indeed, Babins early works are associated with the world of story and theatre: Les filles de lamour divin, as performed at Montreals Salle Fred-Barry, the intimate character of Lamiral blanc at Les fleurs du mal cafe theatre, and in larger productions, such as his contributions to Le bossu de Notre-Dame, presented at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and La lgende du roi Arthus at Usine C in Montral.There is a beautiful foyer, two (2) living areas and two (2) dining areas. The septic All listing information was provided by Southern New Mexico Multiple Listing Service.