On her own, she’s able to support her family and send her children to school.

“So I’m happy for them, but not myself.” Horbai’s 12-year-old daughter wants to be a journalist, and she watches shyly from the corner as our interview takes place.

She has all the passion of an accidental advocate, falling into the role during the course of researching a story in Nepal as a journalist.

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Scared of stirring up trouble with their husbands, the women have learned to say that the sex is “with their consent.” But everyone I talked to during my stay was adamant that they don’t want their daughters to follow in their stead.

Unfortunately, the women have little control over what will happen after their daughters are married, traditionally at very young ages.

Rani is not normally awake in the afternoon; the Perna practice a form of inter-generational sex work, which is a strangely polite way of saying that women here expect to be prostituted by their husbands.

Rani’s daily routine rarely changes: she “goes for prostitution” around a.m., taking an auto-rickshaw with other Perna women to public places. “Bus stations, taxis.” In nearby Delhi, women with the means to do so make their plans for the evening early and don’t leave the house without a male escort after dark.

Many of the women here are emphatic that they would never let their daughters go into sex work.

In fact, this is often the giveaway of their true feelings about their profession.

Rani, who goes out every night on her own, says she dreads the moment when the group of women inevitably separates: “You have to do the work alone.” She tries to avoid the police.

Rather than providing her protection, they ask for free sex and take her money.

Families would be paid for their daughters, sometimes as little as , and the girls taken by a series of transporters across the border to agents in Calcutta and Bombay, where they were handed over to pimps and priced based on their beauty and age.

The pimps gave them to brothel managers for “seasoning”—repeated rape—and the girls, many between nine and 13 years old, were then kept in bonded labor, expected to service 10 or more customers a night for an average of each.

She met her husband on the day of her wedding, becoming his second wife at the age of 17, and two years later, his prostitute.