Anyhow, Faith suggests they still go to homecoming together, and while Buffy isn’t sure she’s in for the “find studs, use and lose them” portion of the evening, she agrees to still go to homecoming.

Cordy passes by the library but never enters as she is distracted by people walking. Although I’m kind of confused about the fact that the name of Buffy’s junior history class sounds more like a second year university history subject.

Lots of contrivance and character regression had to bring us to this point and it makes it hard to appreciate any of what comes from it.

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Sometime later, Buffy approaches a teacher and explains that she needs a glowing letter of recommendation, as per the terms Principal Snyder laid out for remaining in school. Did you guys really have classes called things like “Contemporary Heroes: Amelia Earhart to Maya Angelou?

” Because in Year 11, I took the following classes: English, Literature, Chemistry, French, Australian History, and Mathematical Methods.

He enters the office, a little nervous, and with good reason because we finally see the mayor, and ew.

The young gentleman informs him about The Love Children of Arnold being in town, all while the mayor is sniffing the papers in front of him, as one does.

They are talking about whether or not she has a date when Scott walks up, and Willow gamely changes the subject.

Cordy the Tactless Treasure, however, brings it back to where they didn’t want it to be: Lor: Scott stutters that he figured Buffy would think the dance is lame, but Buffy would like to go if he would like to go.

Oz helps the awkward by pronouncing that a yes on both their parts.

Buffy quickly excuses herself, but leaves Scott with a little kiss.

It’s a tub of blood that kind of reminds me of the tubs of sweet and sour sauce you get from crappy Chinese food places. Angel twitches as Buffy tells him that she hasn’t told anyone about his return , and she intends to keep it that way. Buffy has gotten herself into some pickles because of this belief that her friends are beyond understanding. Lor: Anyways, Buffy promises to keep helping Angel, but things are different: she’s a senior, she is trying hard in school and… Angel whips around to face B, causing her to flinch.

And, I mean, yes, they can be beyond understanding, but non-communication in TV shows/books is a pet peeve of mine. She goes on, saying that Scott makes her happy, and she needs someone she can count on.

Oz offers his party van, but Cordy balks: the homecoming queen doesn’t show up to the dance in a van.